Q1. What is Happy Hour?
A1. It's a special admission and $12 per person and given by one hour per person.  If you are 3 people ($36) then you can stay three hours. However, the maximum is 6 hours even though you’re more than 6 people. This is applied for any opening hours except Friday & Saturday from 20:00 to 03:00 of the next day. Walk-in only. It must start before midnight. 

Q2. Is the admission per person?
A2. The price is for the whole group not per person. If you are 10 people and stay 1 hour in a medium room on Thursday night, for example, then you can split the price ($28) by 10, that is, $2,80 per person.

Q3. Do we have to pay BOTH Admission and Happy Hour?
A3. NO. We only charge you one of two options. If you choose one of Party Packs, you don’t have to pay Admission nor Happy Hour. The party pack includes 2-hour of karaoke admission and drinks of your choice.

Q4. Can we bring our own drinks?
A4. NO. You cannot bring drinks purchased from the outside. Bring your own food is OK.

Q5. Do we have to reserve room?
A5. Walk-In is always welcome, however you can reserve it If you want it for sure and your plan is concrete. All reservation require to deposit the first hour in advance. Once you reserved a room (deposit made), no refund, no change reservation time, no downsize room and you should be punctual. We take the reservations for those who want at least 2 hours. We give you free room (maximum 30 minutes), if the room is available and if you come earlier. To reserve rooms, click How to Reserve.

Those who want Happy Hour, just do it one hour of karaoke, or the plan is not clear then the Walk-In is highly recommended. 

We appreciate that you let us know in advance, if you cannot make the reservation or cancel it. Thank you.

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