How to Reserve

Brief Contents
1. No Minors (Exception)
2. At least 2 hours
3. Deposit in advance
4. Email request required (for the deposit)
5. Reservation Policy (No refund)

Detail Information
1. Minors must be with a parent or legal guardian who has responsibility for their behavior and they have to leave by 22h00. If you have minors in your group, please notify us.

2. All reservations are required to be at least 2 hours. If your party is just 1 or 1.5 hours, the Walk-In (the first come, the first serve) is recommended. The max. reservation hour is limited to 3 hours. Extending the hour is always possible based on the availability of the room.

3. All reservations are required to deposit the first hour room charge in advance. Only when your party is officially planned and it's concrete, you can reserve a room. Since we'll hold the room for you during a specific time period, we have to ask you to deposit in advance. We highly recommend you to Walk-In (First come, First serve), if your party plan is uncertain and also for those who just want one hour of karaoke or Happy Hour

The deposit will cover up the first hour of your party. Once you deposit the money, there are no refund, no downsize of the room and no change in the reservation times (starting and ending).

4. For the reservation, you need a confirmation email of the availability for your party. 
Please email to: with the following information: 
  • contact number (for the night)
  • reservation date
  • duration (starting and ending times)
  • the number of people (for the room size)
We'll reply to you that 
  • the availability of the room
  • how much and where to deposit 
  • the time limit for the deposit
We have no responsibility for your deposit without the confirmation email of the availability.

5. All reservations can start earlier than reserved time (maximum 30 minutes) if the room is available and you come earlier, without extra charge. However, if you're late, it is your time lost. Therefore, you can adjust your starting time when you reserve it.

Even if you deposit for the first hour of your reservation, we'll put your reserved room in a Walk-In Place (First come, First serve) if you do not contact us up to 30 minutes after your starting time. Therefore please inform us if you're coming late.

The cancellation notice must be ASAP so that the room can be free to rent other customers. If your reserved room is completely replaced by other customers, we will give you credit (no refund) for rescheduling of your party (the same reservation period but the different date). 

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